The mission of our program is to engage, motivate, and encourage students to unlock their unlimited potential. The teams that we have formulated are multifaceted, diverse, intuitive, and inventive. Because these factors exist in our Soldiers, we incorporated the same attributes in developing our STEAM programs. Engaging and inspiring students at all levels is our number one goal! 

Winning Teams!

As the Commander of the New Jersey Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion, it is my goal to build winning teams! In our Battalion we have a team of specially trained professionals at the ready to offer resources and experiences to high schools at no cost. Our assets are designed to promote critical thinking, student leadership, physical fitness, and teamwork.

Our programs are modular and designed to be expanded or condensed to meet your school’s individual needs. Our Soldiers can instruct an assembly for an entire school day, one classroom session, and everything in between. Our overarching goal is to motivate, excite, and engage your students to be outstanding members of their community while achieving success in the classroom.

This year our STEAM Learning program will feature an entire robotics program, from building to programming the technology. Our STEAM initiatives align with the education priorities of Governor Phil Murphy in developing a world-class STEM curriculum in New Jersey’s K-12 schools.

We are anticipating that these programs will book quickly, so let us know as soon as possible if your school would like to participate. Please contact our team with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you might have.

– Lt Col Joseph O. Gagnon

Robotics - How it works


Our instructors are subject matter experts and have been certified through the PITSCO Robotics Professional Development Seminar to instruct everyone from beginners to experienced robotics students.

The seminar is typically conducted as a half or full-day course. It has been certified by the Homeland Security Institute and all participants receive certificates.

The program is completely scalable and can be presented as a simple demonstration/familiarization or a full-week course of study.


We have worked closely with PITSCO Education and other corporate partners to create a state of-the-art robotics program. These kits provide first-time builders with the tools and guidance they need to construct a functional robot and also offers advanced users the freedom to innovate and create robotic works of art.

The kits feature heavy-duty, aircraft grade aluminum elements for construction, powerful drive motors, and expandable capabilities. Kits include cameras and transponders to allow participants to pilot their creations remotely from inside the command center or portable rolling television unit. Robots can be prebuilt to reduce class time or for unfamiliar participants.

Our program can be specialized for a variety of classes. Engineering students can design their creations from scratch using CAD models. Computer technology classes can take the program a step further by programming the movements and capabilities through coding. A virtual reality component will be launched this fall.


Participants must work in pairs. The object of the competition is to discover, retrieve, and return a piece of simulated unexploded ordnance from the inside of a two-story obstacle course. One team member acts as a spotter, relaying instruction to the pilot, who must navigate the course using a live video feed directly from their robot. Courses can be adapted for indoor or outdoor use and can be scaled up or down to meet classroom restrictions. We can run four of our collapsible obstacle courses simultaneously to allow for maximum participation.