This year, we forged a new partnership for a program that had been already been successfully running in our district for 3 years.  Our partnership with the National Guard exceeded our biggest hopes for the program and moved it far beyond the success we had experienced previously.

First and foremost, the NG provided really engaging, student-centered, and rigorous opportunities for our students that challenged them to think critically through the engineering design process each step of the way.  They also engaged with our students on personal levels and helped them to see engineering as not only interesting, but relevant and relatable.

Further, partnering with the NG gave us access to materials and resources that our district would not have been able to provide otherwise.  Beyond this, the National Guard was a wonderful professional partner.  The team was always communicative, timely, and prepared.  More than enough NG members were always present at each event.  National Guard members sought out feedback each day and incorporated that feedback during the next meeting.

Dr. Heba Abdo, Ed.D.
Supervisor of STEM and PE
Neptune Township School District